Kates Project Trust

Reaching out to the poor in Pattaya's slums


Sometimes an image or a video can say so much more than words. In our visits to Thailand we want to show all the donors and supporters back home the real scenario- not sugar coated, but to see the conditions that the Kate’s Projects families have to endure.

Fr David Delargy of The Priests Visits Kate’s Project Trust
Khun Au was one of the first people helped by Kates Project. Andrew McCarroll and Roisin Hall had been in Pattaya just 6 months and were visiting a family in the slums when they stumbled across Khun Au (pronounced ooh) She was wandering distraught outside the shell of an old shop, a place she called home, without walls or any security and fully open to the busy street. Her husband had died the previous evening and she had nursed him for many months. Two days before this, as he lay dying, she was raped by two drunken Thai men in front of him.
With such an obvious state of distress Khun Au became the very first recipient of aid from Kates Project Trust.
A walk through a typical slum dwelling as lived in by one of the families supported by Kate’s Project Trust.