Kates Project Trust

Reaching out to the poor in Pattaya's slums

School Uniforms

“School for my children” …is the plea from all parents whenever we ask what is the main thing that Kate’s Project Trust can do for them.

August is traditionally the time when parents in the UK and Ireland buy school uniforms for their children and organise books and fees etc, so imagine how busy the Kate’s Project Team are every May and June, measuring up and shopping with 200 children in downtown Pattaya, as the new  school term starts there in June. School uniform is very traditional in appearance with white shirts and shorts for the boys and full length skirts and blouses for the girls. To see the joy and smiles from the children as they relish the wearing of brand new clothes is a delight.

Every year we hold up the traffic as the children and their excited families patiently wait outside the wholesale shop waiting their turn. The new term starts in June and all our children from the slums start school looking smart and eager to learn. This particular time is when we need as much support as possible  and we appreciate donations even more at this time.