Kates Project Trust

Reaching out to the poor in Pattaya's slums

Welcome To Kate’s Project

Kate’s Project Trust established in 2006 is an education-centred charity registered with the Charity Commission of Northern Ireland NIC103353

Kate's Project Trust bringing a little sunshine into the darkness

Kate’s Project Trust works in the slum areas of Pattaya in Thailand .
> Since its inception in 2006 has helped hundreds of children attend school and also improved living conditions for many families.
> Most important aim of the Trust is to offer education to the poorest of families
> 250 children attend various schools
> We pay school fees and fund a daily lunch and of course a school uniform and any teaching materials that are needed. The children attend various schools across Pattaya.

> A monthly food drop of essential foods (rice, noodles, canned fish, sauces etc) is supplied to the neediest of families.

● To offer education to the poorest children living within the slums of Pattaya
● To break the cycle of poverty and encourage second level education and vocational training.

All money donated goes directly to the supported children and families

Be the change that you want to see in the world

● Kate’s Project Trust is a small organization consisting of married couple: Andrew McCarroll and Roisin Hall based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  
● Thai co-ordinator, Khun Noi, who is based in Pattaya, Thailand
● The Trust raises funds to send directly to the neediest vulnerable families.
● Khun Noi, the co-ordinator has developed a close relationship with all the families in the slums.


Food Drop

Each month a food drop  provides the families supported by Kate’s Project Trust with essential foods such as rice, oil, canned fish and noodle as well as basic medicines and ointments. The photographs  below show the genuine smiles of appreciation from people who struggle with day to day life. Living conditions for the poor are basic with accommodation usually consisting of corrugated iron dwellings and scrap wood with dirt floors and only the most basic of amenities. These food drops are vital and you can help us now by sponsoring one of the “drops” . Please contact us now to find out more.